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Vocal Lessons


Katie offers lessons to singers of all ages and stages of vocal development. Whether you want to increase your stamina and technique as a professional performer, win an audition or sound better in your church choir, each lesson is designed to help you reach your specific goals. Lessons incorporate targeted muscle training with an emphasis on vocal health and stamina, while maintaining your unique style and artistic approach.

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Audition & College Tapes

Film, television, College prescreens and other on camera auditions available.

Performance Workshops

Katie is dedicated to assisting actors, singers, presenters and speakers deliver their content in a genuine, intelligent, self-assured manner. Perfecting your method for communicating the essential message of an artistic or informative piece takes study, effort and practice. 

Katiecvocal offers a variety of large and small group workshops, ranging from Vocal Health and Songwriting to On-Camera Acting and Script Development. Contact her for more information.

Songwriting & Artist Development


Artists and songwriters often need feedback, encouragement, accountability with time management, and constructive critique to help them accomplish their goals.  Katie works with both songwriters and artists to help them define and refine their work.

Freelance & Consulting

IT Consulting

Katie offers creative development and consultation for select projects.

Her work includes:

  • Strategic marketing and operations planning for large and small businesses

  • Corporate scripting

  • Marketing copy

  • Commercial writing and production

  • Dramatic scripting for musicals and live theater

  • Theme songs and scripting for productions and events

  • Educational curricula tied to state and national education standards

  • Creative direction for businesses, educators, events and short film

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